Lemon Bars

A couple weeks ago, I finally tried making some desserts in the kitchen. I made (read: poorly attempted) some lemon bars with a recipe that I found online. They turned out kind of ugly looking, but I inhaled about five of them before putting the rest on the plate. Later that night, I met with my visiting family for the first time.

Everyone at DIS has the opportunity to sign up for a family to regularly meet up with. I love having the opportunity to be able to hang out with a family, especially since I’m in a new country and live in a kollegium, which just hosts more students. I went over for dinner around 5 o’clock. My family has two ADORABLE daughters. One is two years old, and the other is five.


I stayed for a lovely meal, and then we talked for a few hours. I showed them my family (including my sweet puppy, Peter), and they told me a little more about themselves. They also gave me advice on the city and it turns out that my visiting mom actually works pretty close to DIS.

And as it turns out, she shares my love for lemons as well! After the meal,  we ate a dessert called koldskål. It’s a summertime dessert that includes buttermilk, lemon juice, and egg. There are little cookies dropped inside of it, and it was so refreshing to eat. On my way home, I felt more stuffed than I have felt during the rest of my month here.


Luckily I also had enough lemon bars left over to leave some for my hall! Although the bars look kind of bleh in comparison to the perfect yellow squares they should have been, they tasted pretty dang good.

I’ve finally stretched my legs a bit in this kitchen (despite a few dinner fails), so that means more desserts to come this semester!


Go here for the lemon bar recipe I used!

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