Style Shots

This week I learned that wandering around and asking people for pictures is a little tough in Copenhagen. Some of the people I approached were not at all willing to stop. On my first attempt, I approached a rather stylish elderly couple. The exchange went something like this: “Excuse me–” “No.”

After that first rejection, I decided to just snap a few discreet pictures. I sat at a fountain and managed to see some people whose outfits made me pretty envious.


How anyone can manage heels on the streets of Copenhagen is beyond me. It is seriously impressive.

After a little while, I found a couple people who were kind enough to have their picture taken.

Nilofer, Student

I’m digging the combination of so many different neutrals. People tend to say that brown and black or navy and black shouldn’t go together, but this is a perfect example of how those combinations can be well-executed.

Marianne, Lab Technician

Two Copenhagen trends  that I really like: fun pants and the all-black ensembles. I always feel like I need to add some color to my outfits, but the structured jacket, harem pants, and sequin bag keep this outfit interesting.

When I talked to a Danish hall mate about asking people in the city, she said that Danes may be wary of a stranger approaching them. Although this is true to an extent, Americans are the same way when approached by people they don’t know. And it’s been relatively easy to keep up conversation with Danes that I meet. When we first came to Copenhagen, we were warned that it would be hard to talk to Danes and get to know them, but I’ve found that they’re just as friendly as Americans.

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