YOPO (My weekend in Paris)

The first weekend of my Travel break, I stayed in Paris with my friend, Rachel. This was my first time in Paris, and before this, all I had heard was that Parisians are cold, especially towards Americans. But while I was there, I found that the Parisians I met were actually quite nice, and friendly towards me (despite being an obvious tourist). In addition, I was surprised by how urban Paris is, despite still remaining very European. It is much more diverse than Copenhagen is. Sometimes I felt as though I was in New York, and then I would turn down the street and saw beautiful architecture that reminded me where I was.

Throughout the weekend, I saw Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, the Army Museum, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and an art museum/ performance space called 104. We scoped out boulangeries where I ate rhubarb, blackberry, and citrus tarts. l ate delicious sandwiches including the amazing I Love Lucy sandwich from Freddie’s, and that made me realize how sad I will be about bread when I go back to America. Considering I was in France, I had to get a crepe, and I ended up buying one with a chestnut filling, and one with honey, banana, and cinnamon. I wandered around Paris, and saw what a typical Sunday might be for Parisians. I was able to do all the touristy things and get lost in the city, but most importantly, I was hanging out in Europe with one of my best friends. I loved my time in Paris, but I hope that I can spend more than 3 days there in the future.

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