USA Flag Cake

These past few weeks, I’ve been having these  vivid first-day-of school dreams. I usually have these every summer, but it feels weird having them for the first time when I have no foreseeable first day of school. As excited as I am to move to a new city and start my new job, this three month interim makes me feel like I’m in limbo.

Last night I just came back from San Francisco. To try and escape the boredom of home I’ve been hopping to as many different places as I can. This was my first trip to the west coast. In fact, before this trip, Nashville was the furthest west I have ever traveled in the United States. My original plan was to start in San Diego and then work my way up to Seattle. That trip ended up falling through, but I am so grateful I got to spend a week in a completely new city with one of my friends.

We made it back from India just in time for the 4th of July. To celebrate, I made this flag cake, courtesy of 17 and Baking. I just used 2 boxes of white cake mix, and split them evenly among the 3 layers, to make them a little bigger. For the frosting, I used the cream cheese frosting below. I somehow ended up using a lot, so you may not need this much. I’ve made this cake before, but this time my top two red and white layers ended up being a bit too tall in comparison to the blue one. I think in the future, I’ll be careful to test out the size of the layers to see if they fit properly before using the frosting.

Before I left for San Francisco, I found an apartment with some friends! I feel a little more grounded, now that I know where I will live. But as long as these dreams where I’m still at Vandy continue, I want to hurry up and start the next stage of my life. Next 4th of July, I’ll be in Washington D.C. I’ll be living in my own apartment, I’ll have been working for a year, and I will hopefully feel more settled than I do now.

Cream Cheese Frosting

– 2 bars (16 oz.) cream cheese

– 1.5 sticks (12 Tbsp) butter

– 6 cups powdered sugar, sifted

– 2 Tbsp vanilla

– 1 Tbsp lemon juice

I made this frosting instead of the 17 and Baking one because I found that I actually ended up needing more. I love adding lemon juice to cream cheese frosting, but feel free to experiment and judge proportions based on taste.

Make sure your cream cheese and butter are room temperature. Beat them until they’re nice and smooth and creamy. Add in the powdered sugar cup by cup, mixing after each addition. Add in the vanilla and lemon juice, and stir gently to mix it all together. Take a sample or two just to make sure it tastes good, and also because frosting is love.

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