Eating My Way Through Montréal

I graduated in the beginning of May, and after coming home, I promptly realized that none of my friends were home, so I decided to pick up and visit my friend Giulietta in Montréal for a few days.

Walking through Montréal was very reminiscent of Europe. That might sound a bit obvious, since Montréal is in Quebec, but for me it felt eerie when I stepped out of the bus station and saw the architecture surrounding me. Like Copenhagen, almost everybody in Montréal speaks English, but their first language is French (or in Copenhagen, Danish). Every time we would walk somewhere, we would be greeted with “Bonjour” and then reply with “Hello.” These seem like minor things, but it was exactly these little habits that made me nostalgic for my time abroad. I don’t have much to say about Montréal, since I was a complete tourist, but I will say that I never felt bored. From using the old Olympic stadium to house a museum with different biomes, to having musical swings in the middle of the city, Montréal seemed so eclectic. Plus the people really know how to make some great desserts, which is always a plus.

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