The first dessert I ever made was a red velvet cake in 9th grade. It broke down pretty easily, and I didn’t have enough icing for it. In the years since then, I’ve loved going into the kitchen and experimenting with different ingredients, trying to improve from my clueless high school baking.  I would scroll through different baking websites to find new recipes and ideas that I could try out. I started this blog before I went abroad, in the hopes that making desserts would be the hobby that reminded me of home.

In those same high school years, I also developed an interest in fashion. I struggled with my body image and self esteem in middle school, and I would often try to cover up my body with huge sweatshirts and t shirts. Deciding that I didn’t want to wear baggy clothes every day for the rest of my life, I started paying more attention to my clothes, and worked to develop an image that I felt proud of.

This blog is my outlet to combine my two favorite hobbies. Incidentally, since this started out as a study abroad blog, it also features my travels to different countries. Feel free to explore the recipes I’ve made, and the cities I’ve been lucky to see!

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