Hello Again

It has legitimately been way too long since I last posted. In that time, I celebrated my birthday, cooked my hall Thanksgiving dinner, received visits in Copenhagen from THREE of my best friends, did some last-minute exploring, and said goodbye to a place I thought of as a second home, as well as people that … More Hello Again

Style Shots

This week I learned that wandering around and asking people for pictures is a little tough in Copenhagen. Some of the people I approached were not at all willing to stop. On my first attempt, I approached a rather stylish elderly couple. The exchange went something like this: “Excuse me–” “No.” After that first rejection, … More Style Shots

Rainy Day Meringues

On Saturday I leave for Copenhagen. I returned home on the 3rd from an internship in Washington , D.C, only to prepare to leave again in another two weeks. Waking up in the morning brings new emails and information from DIS. I’m in the Justice and Human Rights program, and I found out I’ll be … More Rainy Day Meringues